Intro Edit

Horsham United were founded on the 23rd of June 2009. The club started it's life with a 3-0 win in Division 7.228, and went on to finish second in the league. In their second season, Horsham have not found the same form in the league and as of 31 games into the season, look unlikely to be promoted. In the cup they have had a very good run, playing 6 matches before losing to Division 3 side AFC Supersonics 3-1 away from home.

League and cup results Edit

Season Division / Group Position Games End of season Cup round
16 7.228 2 34 34 4
17* 6.77 6 31 34 7


Players Edit

Horsham's most distinguished player at the moment is the defensive midfielder Fraser Brown. Brown, 19, is the club's current captain and is on course to achieve the U21 most valuable player award. Brown is the club's record signing as of 26/11/2009, having been purchased during season 16 for close to 40 million.

Scott Murphy has made the most appearances for the club (67), while Ashley Murphy and Brian King are close behind on 65 appearances each.