FC Dundee Of Scotland


Full name
Football Club Dundee Of Scotland
FC Dundee, FCD, The Dees, The Dark Blues, Derry Boys
May 7th 2007
Dens Park Stadia
Scottish 3. division, group 4

FC Dundee Of Scotland are a Scottish team on the online multiplayer game Trophy Manager. The team are currently playing in the 3. division, group 4.

Club HistoryEdit

Season 6Edit

Finished 5th in 6. Division, group 12 and reached the 1st round in the Scottish Cup. FC Dundee were formed half way through the season, on 7th May 2007. The Dees played their first match on the same day in a 1-0 win against the now defunct club, Morton Thistle. The club coasted through the remainder of the season and finished in a respectable 5th place.

Season 7Edit

Finished 6th in 5. Division, group 7 and reached the 5th round of the Scottish Cup The club also coasted through season 7, having a mixed bag of result. The highlights of the season were reaching the 5th round of the Scottish Cup.

Season 8Edit

Finished 7th in 5. Division, group 7, Scottish cup position is unknown Season 3 was the most barren in the club's history. The clubs manager left the club for a long period of the season because of personal matters, despite this the club still managed to improve on last season 8th placed finish by coming 7th in the league.

Season 9Edit

Finished 4th in 5. Division, group 7 and reached the 3rd round of the Scottish Cup Again the season didn't go well off the park with the manager still having his mind off of the game. The club managed to move up to 4th in the league and therefore won promotion.

Season 10Edit

Finished 1st in 4. Division, group 8, Scottish cup position is unknown again Season 10 was the clubs most successful ever, despite remaining around 3rd and 4th spot for most of the season in the last 3 games FC Dundee picked up the pace and ended up finishing in top spot.

Season 11Edit

In progress


Dens Park Stadia has been Dundee FC's home since the club's beginning.

Dens Park Stadia is being continuously upgrade. Click here to see what it currently looks like.


FC Dundee manager, Evo is in his first managerial job at Dens Park Stadia. He got the job after a long playing career where he played for many top flight clubs.

Since joining FC Dundee he has quickly established himself as one of the top up coming managers in Trophy Manager Land.